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wedding hair fredericksburg va 

When should I schedule a trial run?

A trial run is very important and should be scheduled at our hair salon in Fredericksburg VA at least 2 to 3 months before the date of your wedding.   This will give us time to plan the perfect style for you and allow you to see a "trial" version of your style  before your wedding day.   We can work out any adjustments that need to be made long before your wedding day occurs so that there is less stress on the big day.

What should I wear to my bridal hair appointment?

When you arrive at the salon for your bridal hair appointment (either for a trial run or the final appointment), remember to wear a zip-up or button up shirt.   Since collared shirts or turtle necks could interfere with your style, we suggest that you avoid them.  If you are planning to wear a veil or any hair accessories, please bring these to your appointment, too.


Can I color my hair before my wedding day?

If you are considering a new hair color or highlights, then we suggest that you schedule an appointment at our hair salon at least 2 weeks before your wedding day.   We can help you choose a hair color
that will compliment your dress and facial tones.  A haircut or trim should be planned at least 2 weeks before your wedding day as well.  This will give your hair time to adjust to the new haircut and new hair color before your wedding day.


How can I make my hair shiny and vibrant before my wedding?

Plan a deep conditioning treatment at New U Salon a few weeks before your wedding day to add shine and manageability to your hair.  A Redken Chemistry Shot deep conditioning treatment can help repair damage, lock in moisture, add shine, and strengthen your hair, which will in turn add to its beauty on your wedding day. 

How do I know which bridal hairstyle is right for me?

We suggest that  you choose a style that compliments your dress and your personality.   Look through bridal magazines and collect photos of styles that appeal to you to bring to your initial wedding hair appointment at our hair salon.  If your wedding is outdoors, choose a style that will hold up no matter what the weather springs upon you.  Certain styles work better in humid outdoor conditions than others.  

When should I schedule an eyebrow wax?

You can schedule an appointment for a professional eyebrow wax and shaping  a few days before the wedding, and then you’ll have perfectly arches brows for all of your wedding photos.


Make an appointment at our hair salon in Fredericksburg VA today, and we will work together with you to choose a wedding hair style that will turn heads on your wedding day!

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