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I have been considering getting my brows micro-bladed for awhile now, but have had reservations due to a previous bad experience. After much research I made an appointment with New U for my brows as well as cut and color. I could not be happier with my experience. Nano and Nidal have perfected their craft, and are true artists! I highly recommend their services, and I will definitely be returning.

I highly recommend ONLY this Salon for hair and permanent makeup needs. Nidel did my hair and transformed it into a beautiful color with highlights. He also restored its health and now it is soft and silky. While I was there his wife was performing permanent makeup on a client and WOW the transformation was beautiful and the woman looked 10 years younger. Hence, I also went back for permanent makeup ( eyeliner-enhancement) and I am so happy with the results and recovered without any problems. I have not had this success at other locations. Nano is an expert at her craft with an experienced eye and a steady hand. While I was there she did another woman and she too looked 10+ years younger after Nano was finished with her...amazing! I will be going back for more permanent makeup as I want other areas done as well. You CAN trust her expertise and get the results you want .
--Cherie R.

I have been going to New U Salon for about a year now. Nidal always does a great job cutting my hair and recently added highlights. I am so pleased that I decided to take his recommendation. My hair looks great! Nano is wonderful as well. I recently had her micro-blade my brows (which had become lighter and sparse over the years) as well as permanent eyeliner. She is such a pleasure to work with. I absolutely love the results. They are subtle yet enhance my eyes so much. The color is perfect as well! The comments that I have received have to do with looking well rested. No one has asked if I had "something done". Such a compliment as far as I am concerned. I would highly recommend a won't be disappointed! :)
--Susan S.

I was in there about four weeks ago for a haircut with Nidal of which I had already heard wonderful comments about New U Salon. I was so happy with my haircut. Nidal is such a wonderful person who takes his time with you. He is very nice and friendly. I was actually back in there today, Sept 1 2016 and had another haircut. I decided I wanted to have permanent eyebrows and after research I decided to go to Nidals wife Nano. I am still in the process of which it is not completely finished as I have touchups to do, but I can say that I am very very happy with her service. Not only does Nano also know what she is doing, she is very friendly and personable also. I felt like I had known her forever. Would definitely recommend her and her husband to anyone!!
--Deborah H.

Wonderful experience! Nidal did my color and cut for the first time and did it perfectly. Everything from making the appointment to arriving was made very easy and enjoyable. I don't want to style my own hair after enjoying this great blow out!

I have been looking for great priced, amazing haircare for a long time. My mom and I decided to go with someone new and found Nidal. We both got new styles and new color. Not only did he get us in the same day but, he was affordable and did an amazing job!! Never even working on our hair before and nailed it with color and cut. Definitely the place to go for anything you could possibly want.

Nidal colored and highlighted my hair at the same time and was very pleased with it. He was friendly and you could tell he knew and liked styling, color and highlighting your hair.  I do recommend him highly.  His wife was at the salon one time when I was there and she is a very friendly too.
-- D. Doxey

Nidal Did My Straightening & I am competely satisfied with him. He's very friendly. I will recommend to everyone.
-- Uzma K.

Professional and friendly services. I was greeted with smiles, effective and fast, flexible and convenient work schedule. I got the perfect hair cut which suites my face and my style. We had permanent Make up service with amazing results. Thank you for the wonderful service, I recommend you to try, especially if you are fussy about style and hygiene.
-- Raja H.

I have lived in the area for a couple of years and I looked all over Fredericksburg to find a good stylist. Then I found U Hair Salon.  Best Hair color and style I've had in years.  If you're tired of being disappointed in your hair style and color and spending a lot of money for your disappointment then I highly recommend this salon.  Easy to get an appointment and the price is right! Thanks!
-- Robin P.

I had a great experience at New U Salon. The owner, Nidal, was my stylist  and he was just wonderful! I went in there not knowing exactly what I wanted for a color or style, and he was very patient with me as he tried to help me figure it out. He was  knowledgeable and had good ideas, but wasn't pushy at all. I was happy with the results when I left, but decided a couple of days later that the color was a little too dark. They were great about it when I called, and they had me come in first thing the next day. Not only did Nidal get me to the color I wanted, I decided that I wanted it cut shorter too!  Nidal insisted that I not walk out of there until I was completely satisfied--------and I was!  I love my hair and will definitely return!
-- Kim S. Fredericksburg, VA

You can have it all at New U Salon in Downtown Fredericksburg Virginia!  I get so many compliments on my high lights!  A stranger asked me "who does your hair? I am only asking because it is perfect " Give this place a try - you will not be sorry... Only beautiful!!!
--Tracey S, Bowling Green VA

This place rocks, and Nidal is amazing. I drive from DC to Fredericksburg VA to see him.
I am not one to go crazy with my hair, and am generally conservative in the salon chair. I had never done any color, and wouldn't have if Nidal hadn't instilled in me the confidence to do it. I have since gotten soooooooo many compliments on my highlights. People have been asking where I got them done because they look so natural. He just knows what will look good and does it.
The prices at New U are also incredibly good. A basic nice haircut is less than $30 (!!!) and I walked out of there with a wash, deep conditioning treatment, eyebrow wax, highlights, cut, blowdry style, and a bottle of shampoo for $180. Fredericksburg has more salons than it needs in my opinion, but New U definitely needs to be there.
-- Steph K.


I have been a client of New U Salon and Nidal for almost a year now.  I started going to New U Salon after my Mother was excited about Nidal and his talents as a hair stylist. She came home from an appointment and I was amazed at how beautiful her new cut and highlights were! She looked so much younger and she felt better about herself. We are always welcomed with friendly faces and conversation.  He transformed my hair, which is not easy for me to deal with. I fully trust Nidal and his staff to care for all of my salon needs. They do not try and force products on you and their prices are reasonable, especially their package prices. I highly recommend this salon to everyone! You will not be sorry!
-- Denise J., Fredericksburg VA

I have been going to New U salon for about six months now and love it!  Nidal is a great colorist and has an art for cutting and styling. He has earned my trust to do what he envisions would look best. This is the first salon where I don't come home and redo the style. The prices are reasonable, especially the package prices. The suggestions for additional services, such as eyebrow waxing, enhance the look and my self esteem. I love how I feel when I walk out the door!
-- Kathy E., Fredericksburg

There is this awesome salon that I had the pleasure of going to yesterday.  New U in old town Fredericksburg.  I was quite aprehensive as the last lady I had do my hair (over 8 months ago) butchered it.  I did alot of research online and called quite a few places.  Hmmm can I say...not very impressed.  I learned that "just because you have done hair for 20+ years doesnt really mean you know how to do hair.  Well alll I can say is this place is amazing!  Nidal is a hair GOD!  He can take the most aprehensive person and make them feel at ease.  I initially had an appointment for the latter part of the week ...I was grateful that his scedule permitted me to fit in yesterday.  From the moment I spoke with him on the phone, to the moment I walked into his shop I felt at home.  So much that I took a leap of faith and told him to do what he thought would be best.  I started out with a need of color and cut to a transformation.  This guy is a superstar when it comes to taking your face and body style and transforming it into a masterpiece.  I have traveled over 100 miles to find a good stylist and ultimatel found one right at my back door. Not only did he take me through every step of his recommendations but he brought out the sassy charismatic me!  Prices are resonable and they dont push you into buying "Their" products.  I could not be more happier with the results and of course I am now a committed New U Customer.
-- Pamela M., Fredericksburg VA

After getting out on my own, I wanted to try out a new hair style.  At first I went with a perm, because I thought that was the best idea for me.  After getting that done a couple of times, I still didn’t believe I was looking my best.  I remember feeling like I was missing something.  When I met Nidal, the first thing he asked me was whether I would give him the permission to create with my hair.  A few hours later he created something, something I just call OMG.  Goodbye perm, hello OMG.  Nidal is your guy if you are bored with your hair or want to try something bold, something sassy.  Something New U.

-- Kim

If you’re a guy like me, you don’t know much about hair.  You don’t know the difference between a razor cut and a haircut.  I sure didn’t.  I would go with a ‘trim’ or a ‘cut’ and then part it.  I went in with my girlfriend while she was getting her hair done.  After being completely blown away by what Nidal did with her hair, I decided to go with it.  Not only did Nidal give me a cut that fit my look, he colored it and blended it with the gray so that only the distinguished part of it shows through.  I gave Nidal the joy of creating with my hair, and I’m walking proof that he can make any haircut magic. 

-- David

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