Hair Salon Fredericksburg VA Redken Treatments

What is a Redken Clarifying Treatment?   A Redken Clarifying Treatment from our salon in Fredericksburg is perfect for all hair types.  It is basically an intense salon treatment that purifies and refreshes hair by effectively removing unwanted minerals and styling product residue.   One clarifying treatment will cleanse your hair of iron and copper mineral deposits, hard water minerals, chlorine and also waxy greasy build up from conditioners, hair spray, mousse, gels, and other styling products.   The formula contains a high amount of chelating agents that surround minerals and build up, making them more soluble so they can be washed away.   It also equalizes the porosity of your hair so that if you receive a color service, the hair color will be deposited more evenly on your hair for more beautiful results.  Another fabulous benefit is that the clarifying treatment is also formulated with fruit acids which will add shine to your hair. 

Refresh your hair with a clarifying treatment from New U Salon in Fredericksburg today!  

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