Permanent Cosmetic Lips in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg permanent makeup lips


Permanent makeup for your lips allows you to go anywhere and feel dressed.  It is a beautiful and effortless way to not only give your lips amazing color, but also to add definition or change the size and shape of your lip line.   If you've always wanted thicker, fuller lips with rich color, this is your solution.

With permanent cosmetic lip color, you can forever leave behind the hassle of having to apply and reapply your lipstick.   Who really enjoys having to continually apply gloss or lipstick to keep a fresh appearance?  Your color will not rub off, smear, stain your clothing or smudge when kissing!  It's the best of all worlds.   You can save time, save money, and wake up every morning ready to go.   Combine it with one of our other cosmetic tattooing services, and you can really transform your style.

permanent makeup for lips permanent cosmetic lipliner and lip color  

Full Lip Color Price:   $435

If at some point you want to change your color or add shine, conventional lip glosses can be applied over your permanent shade for a more dramatic effect for an evening out on the town.   Lipsticks can also be used to make your lip color darker or lighter or to change the hue to coordinate with a particular outfit.

You'll love the time-saving ease and the beauty of looking fabulous around the clock.  If you are in the Fredericksburg or Stafford VA area, schedule a consultation with our permanent makeup specialist to discuss which options are right for you.  



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