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Beautiful eyebrows will define your face and "lift" your eyes.  The proper shape and arch can enhance your face shape and frame your eyes without dominating your features.  If your brows are sparse or uneven and lack definition, you’ll love the transformation that this cosmetic procedure will give to your overall appearance. Permanent eyebrows are perfect for our Fredericksburg VA salon guests who have undergone chemotherapy or who have experienced hair loss due to aging or other issues.

Our permanent makeup artists at New U Salon can add fullness and depth to areas where hair is either very thin, undefined or uneven, or even non-existent.   We can actually create the look of eyebrow hairs and  multi-colored hair streaks that look realistic and can be blended for a soft natural look. 

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Silk Spray (full shading):  $385
3D Hair Strokes:                $495


How great would it be not to worry about sweating or wiping your brows off?  You'll never have to be concerned with them again.   Our experts will work together with you to get exactly the right look.   We’ll start by drawing on your brows to create a guideline so that you can see the shape and degree of arch.  We’ll also work together to choose a color that will compliment your skin tone and provide the amount of contrast that you desire.  


When we are ready to actually begin creating your brows, the procedure is very comfortable and relaxing.  We will use a topical anesthetic to make sure that the process is as painless as possible.  You will probably experience a mild tingling sensation or even a tickle as we create your new look.   The recovery time is very fast.  You may experience some tenderness and possibly slight swelling in the brow area, but you should be able to resume your normal daily activities following your appointment.

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If you are in the Stafford, King George, or Fredericksburg VA area, make an appointment with our permanent makeup experts at New U Salon today for a consultation!  Our obsession with perfection, attention to detail, and our innovative procedure are guaranteed to give you a new look that you will love.



Is cosmetic tattooing safe?  What is the length of time for recovery?  How many years will my makeup last and can I return for a touch up?  Learn more about our cosmetic enhancements at New U Salon.



Wouldn't you love to eliminate all the extra time that you spend each day in front of the mirror, applying makeup that will need to be reapplied continually throughout the day in order to stay vibrant?  With permanent cosmetics, you wake up every day looking fabulous with no effort,  and your makeup is the image of perfection all day.  No smearing, smudging or fading....ever.  



How do you keep your gorgeous new permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips looking its best?  Our professional tips will ensure a quick healing process after your procedure.  We also share advice for preserving your color over time.





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