Permanent Makeup After Care Tips


After your permanent makeup procedure, you may experience slight swelling or redness along with tenderness in the area that has been cosmetically enhanced.   The swelling and redness will subside within a few days to a week, and following the after care tips below will help.

The area that has been cosmetically tattooed will also appear to be darker for the first several days and will fade into the perfect shade within a few days.  Lips can sometimes fade about 50% after the first three days before reaching a more natural tone.


Very slight swelling and possible redness can be expected after having your eyebrows cosmetically enhanced.   Skin may appear to be dry, and a crust may appear on the area that has received pigmentation.  When this occurs, resist the urge to pick, scratch, rub or wash the eyebrow area.  If you do so, you may end up removing pigment along with the skin.    Your skin will soon return to normal, but until then, avoid touching, scratching or rubbing the procedure area.
Things to avoid during the 7 to 10 days include soap and facial cleansers, antibiotic ointment, chlorine, makeup, hot showers and exposure to sunlight. 


After receiving permanent eyeliner, you make experience moderate redness and swelling in the eye area.    To reduce inflammation, you can apply an ice pack for the first few hours.   Apply for ten  minutes on and ten minutes off.   Following the procedure, the eye area and lids may be slightly puffy for the first few mornings. An ice bag placed on the eyes on the second day for a few minutes in the morning along with sleeping somewhat propped up on your back will make a difference if you know that you have a tendency to swell.
If you normally wear contacts, you will need to avoid wearing them temporarily.  Other things to avoid include makeup, mascara, soap, facial cleanser, exposure to sunlight, and rubbing your eyes.   It is normal to see flaking skin on the eyes following a permanent eyeliner procedure.   Do not rub your eyes or try to scratch the flaking areas.


You may experience slight to moderate swelling of your lips after receiving permanent lip liner or lip color.   To help reduce any swelling you can apply an ice pack for the first few hours for ten  minutes on and ten  minutes off.
Lips will tend to be very dry.  We will give you an approved list of products that you can use to moisturize them.  While it may be tempting, you should avoid peeling of any flaking areas.   Do not wipe your lips with a napkin while eating; blot instead. Drink through a straw.   Avoid hot showers, facial cleansers, sun exposure, and rubbing lips for the first week. 



Exposure to both sunlight and regular light can lighten the color of your permanent makeup over time.  Sun exposure is the number 1 reason for fading of permanent cosmetics.  When outdoors, you should always wear sunscreen on any areas that have been enhanced with a cosmetic tattoo procedure.   For lips, choose a lip balm with a good SPF, and for brows, apply sunblock and wear sunglasses.  Also avoid the use of exfoliating skin-care products on the procedure area.



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