Hair Salon Fredericksburg VA Hairbrush Tips

With all of the options on the market today, it can be confusing knowing which type of brush to buy to create your desired hair style.  The stylists at New U Hair Salon in Fredericksburg VA want to help remove some of the guess work, so that you can easily select the best brush for the style that you want.  



Choose a brush with soft and flexible bristles that are spaced widely apart.  Also choose a brush with smooth tips on the end.  Smooth tips will keep your hair and scalp from being damaged as you brush.  If your hair is normal to thick, you can opt for a brush with a mixture of nylon and natural bristles.  If your hair is very fine, you can use a natural bristle brush. A natural brush made of boars hair is an exeptional choice.   Boar bristles brushes are easier on hair than cheap plastic brushes, and they also help add shine to your hair by redistributing oils throughout hair, boosting shine.  If you have extensions, you will need to use a special brush or wide tooth comb designed especially for hair extensions.

Brush your hair when it is wet, and always work from the bottom up.  Do not tug or attack tangles with the brush, but instead work through them gently to avoid breaking or damaging your hair. 

Depending on your style, there are different brushes that can help you achieve the hair style you want.  


A paddle brush is usually quite large, flat, and paddle-shaped.  They can be made of plastic and generally will have bristles that emerge from a cushioned base which allow for flexibility.   Paddle brushes are great for smoothing and detangling hair and can also help you smooth and straighten your hair as you blowdry. 


A round brush (sometimes referred to as a radial brush) looks like a roller with bristles around the entire head of the brush.  If you want to create beautiful curls as you dry your hair, then a round brush and a good blow dryer can make this happen.  Round brushes are amazing for blowout styles and can really create the volume needed for this look.

You can invest in several different sizes of round brushes so that you can have a variety of different options for styling.  Go for a ceramic round brush which will hold the heat away from the blow-dryer as you are styling and help prevent heat damage to your hair as well as static.  
If your hair is short, choose a brush with a smaller diameter.  If you want larger curls and waves, choose a brush with a larger barrel size.   



If you like wearing your hair flipped out or flipped under, our Fredericksburg hair salon recommends a half round hair brush (or half radial brush).  A half round brush has curved bristles on one side while being flat on the back.  This type brush is perfect for someone with thick hair looking for a nice wave without too much volume. For maximum volume you will need to choose a round brush.


If you need additional tips on choosing the right brush, or if you have any other questions related to hair care, make an appointment with one of the stylists at New U Hair Salon in Fredericksburg VA today!  We will be happy to spend time with you sharing styling tips and helping you select the best products to create the style that you want.

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