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Beautiful hair color can completely transform your image!  The stylists at
our Fredericksburg hair salon are master colorists who specialize in every
aspect of hair color--from the trendy ombre color and balayage techniques to
gray coverage, color glazing, highlights, and fabulous vibrant permanent hair
color.  From deep brunettes and golden amber browns to sassy redheads and platinum
blondes, we excel in gorgeous color!
Make an appointment for a hair color consultation.  Our salon has a wide range of
color lines and formulas, allowing us to customize results for our individual clients.  


Single Application Hair Color (permanent/semi-permanent)   $62
Touch-Up   $62
Men's Hair Color (Color Camo)   $33
Partial Highlight (13 Foils Max)   $62
Heavy Partial Highlight (25 Foils Max)   $72
Full Highlight   $92
Additional Colors   $33
Glaze and Tone   $39
 Lift and Tone   $92
 Corrective Hair Color    by consultation

** Additional charge may be applied for long hair


Beautiful hair color is an investment, and you want your hair color to last and look its best long after you leave our Fredericksburg hair salon.   What are our best recommendations for preserving your hair color?  Find out below.



TIP #1:    Avoid Using  Chlorinated or Hard Water
Shampooing your hair in hard water or chlorinated water can cause your hair color to fade. If your water is hard, or if you are a regular swimmer, you can use a chelating shampoo for regular color maintenance. Installing a good water filter on your shower head may also help to prolong your hair color. If you swim, we recommend thoroughly saturating your hair in regular water or a good conditioner prior to hitting the pool to keep chlorine molecules from being absorbed.  Then after swimming, shampoo and deep condition your hair as soon as possible.

TIP #2:    Use Cool Water to Rinse
Avoid washing and rinsing your hair in hot water. Hot water is drying to the hair whether it has been colored or otherwise.  Hot water causes the hair cuticle to open, allowing color molecules to escape, while cold water helps close and seal the cuticles. Always shampoo and condition your color-treated hair in cool water. After conditioning your hair, do a final rinse in the coldest water you can stand. This final rinse will seal the cuticle and give shine to your hair.




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