Hair Salon Fredericksburg VA Haircare 101



Your hair can easily become one of your best accessories!  Follow these professional tips from our Fredericksburg hair salon for beautiful hair every day.  With just a little investment of time and with the correct products for your hair’s texture and style, you will be rewarded you with strong, manageable hair with gorgeous shine.

•    Always choose good quality styling products.  Good products will have superior ingredients that will allow your hair to perform and maintain a particular style while keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned.  One of our favorite styling products at New U Salon is It’s a 10.

•    If you are a product junkie and if your morning ritual includes using an arsenal of mousse, gel, hairsprays and the like, then use a clarifying or chelating shampoo at least once a month to remove product build-up on your hair.  

•    Invest in good quality heat styling tools.  The best products will be those that are crafted from ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic irons allow heat to be evenly dispersed through your hair as you style it, while tourmaline irons help to control frizz by using negative ionic charges that seal the cuticle of the hair.    Stay away from cheaper flat irons and curling irons that are made of metal.

•    Purchase irons and styling tools that have an adjustable heat setting as well.   In most cases, unless your hair is super thick and very coarse, you can use a very low temperature between  200  and 300 degrees to effectively straighten or curl your hair.   When using a flat iron, keep the iron moving steadily down the length of your hair so that the heat does not become concentrated in one section for too long.  This will help prevent damage and breakage.

•    Protect your hair with a quality heat protectant before heat styling.   This will protect your hair from damage.  A heat protectant can be applied to your hair after showering while your hair is still wet so that it can be absorbed into your hair cuticle more effectively.  We can recommend several different great heat protectant products when you visit our Fredericksburg hair salon.  



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