Fredericksburg VA Salon Hair Color Tips

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TIP #1:    Avoid Using  Chlorinated or Hard Water
Shampooing your hair in hard water or chlorinated water can cause your hair color to fade. If your water is hard, or if you are a regular swimmer, you can use a chelating shampoo for regular color maintenance. Installing a good water filter on your shower head may also help to prolong your hair color. If you swim, we recommend thoroughly saturating your hair in regular water or a good conditioner prior to hitting the pool to keep chlorine molecules from being absorbed.  Then after swimming, shampoo and deep condition your hair as soon as possible.


TIP #2:    Use Cool Water to Rinse
Avoid washing and rinsing your hair in hot water. Hot water is drying to the hair whether it has been colored or otherwise.  Hot water causes the hair cuticle to open, allowing color molecules to escape, while cold water helps close and seal the cuticles. Always shampoo and condition your color-treated hair in cool water. After conditioning your hair, do a final rinse in the coldest water you can stand. This final rinse will seal the cuticle and give shine to your hair.




TIP #3:   Use a Color-Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner
Our Fredericksburg hair salon highly recommends using shampoos and conditioners that are "color safe" after receiving a hair color service.  Strong shampoos that are not formulated for color-treated hair can cause even the best hair color to fade, but a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner can enhance your hair color or highlights.  Many color safe shampoos and conditioners, particularly those that are geared toward a certain shade of hair color, will contain special formulas and color enhancers to protect your hair color and slow down the color fading process.  

In order to preserve the longevity of your hair color, the cuticle of the hair needs to stay closed to keep the color molecules intact.  Heat styling as well as harsh shampoos and styling products can cause the hair cuticle to open and can strip the color molecules from your hair.  Color safe shampoos and products are designed with a special formula that keeps the hair cuticle from being opened.
In addition to a good, color safe shampoo and conditioner, use hair care daily products that contain  sunscreens and light oils. Keep your hair thoroughly moisturized and protein conditioned! Regular conditioning goes a long way toward preserving hair color and keeping the hair radiant with little product!




The stylists at our Fredericksburg hair salon can recommend several shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair.  Redken's Color Extend line is especially helpful.  Color Extend has a "fade resist complex" formula that contains ceramides to strengthen color-treated hair, UV filters to defend against fading from the sun, cranberry oil to maximize color vibrancy, plus shine-enhancing silicon.   Haircolor looks vibrant and radiant with mirror-like shine.

Why It Works
* Provides maximum color security
* Fights the four causes of color change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, color-altering minerals, water attack
* Helps shield, stabilize and secure color intensity
* Leaves color-treated hair smooth, manageable and radiant
* Detangles and protects
* Smoothes the cuticle surface
* Provides a vibrant, shiny finish

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