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Imagine the pleasure of never having to apply eyeliner ever again.  No smudging, no smearing, and no dark rivers running down your face if you cry during a romantic movie.  Permanent makeup eyeliner gives you perfection! 

Anyone who has ever worn either a soft pencil liner or a more waterproof version knows that it is a hassle to remove and also to apply.  It can also be expensive over time.  What if you could simply skip that part of your morning routine forever, and wake up with eyes that look amazing without any effort?   That is the beauty of permanent cosmetics.

Upper Eyeliner:               $240
Lower Liner:                    $190
Upper & Lower Liner:     $390

Permanent eyeliner is perfect for women who are allergic to traditional makeup, who wear contact lenses, or who have physical limitations and impaired vision that interfere with a perfect cosmetic application.  It’s also a great option for anyone who wants to stop the time and expense of wearing traditional liner.    Our salon's location makes it convenient for our guests in Fredericksburg, Stafford to receive exceptional quality permanent makeup eyeliner services without having to travel a long distance.

Varied effects can be created by our makeup artists, such as a "smudged" look or a more defined, dramatic effect.  It all depends on what you prefer.  Dimension is created by implanting more color to the outer edge and tapering it to the middle.  Color can be applied in the lash line for lash enhancement, and a  light shadow can also be added for a softer look or made darker for more drama.  We can do your upper lid, lower eye area or both.   

permanent makeup eyeliner cosmetic eyeliner bold eyeliner permanent cosmetic liner


You can apply and wear your traditional liner to your appointment to give our permanent makeup artists an idea of how you normally wear your makeup so that we can tailor your permanent eyeliner exactly to your preferences.   We'll work with you to choose the perfect color and to plan exactly what you want before the procedure begins.  We will also apply a topical anesthetic to the area before starting the process so that you will be completely comfortable and relaxed. while we are creating your new look.  

Immediately after your liner is applied, you may notice that the color will appear to be very thick and dark, but it will look more natural in a few days.  Slight swelling may occur, but usually normal activity can be resumed after your appointment. 


Does it hurt?  Can I return to work immediately after my visit?  Will my makeup fade over time?  Discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our popular cosmetic enhancement services.



Cosmetic tattooing gives you the ease of looking stunning around the clock without the frustration and extra time required for daily makeup application.   For athletes, those with disabilities, or women on the go, it's a great alternative to traditional cosmetics.    



How do you keep your gorgeous new permanent eyeliner and eyebrows looking beautiful?  Our professional tips will ensure a quick healing process after your procedure.  We also share advice for keeping your color looking fresh for years to come.


Is it safe? 

Absolutely.  The procedure that we use for permanent cosmetic eyeliner is completely safe and the pigments that we use are approved by the FDA.   We take great care to use sterilized equipment, one-time use needles, and allergy-tested pigments in a comfortable, hygienic environment.   Our specialists are licensed and highly trained.      If you are in the Fredericksburg or Stafford VA area, schedule an appointment with our permanent makeup specialists today.




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