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Is your hair frizzy and untameable?  Or perhaps limp and lifeless?  Take charge and change your image with a texture service from our Fredericksburg hair salon. Our keratin treatments are the answer for hard-to-manage hair that defies being tamed. In one appointment, a keratin treatment can transform frizzy, unruly locks into a sleek smooth style that is soft and silky to the touch.  

For our clients with straight hair who long for a little more volume and curl, our salon offers permanent waves and spiral perms.  We will consult with you at your appointment to determine the exact amount of wave and curl that you want before transforming your hair.  

Our master stylists are all passionate about providing world class customer service and a high level of skill for every guest.  You can make an appointment with confidence!



Permanent Wave   $75
Spiral Perm   $90 and up
Keratin Treatment (price includes shampoo/conditioner for home use)   $300 and up








Not everyone is born with gorgeous sleek hair that looks silky smooth without ever needing the help of a flat iron.  The reality is that many of us deal with frizzy hair and unwanted curl on a daily basis, especially during seasons when the humidity is high, making the battle wth our hair even more intense. 

What is the solution?  A keratin treatment!   A keratin treatment is a special service available from our Fredericksburg hair salon that will transform unruly, frizzy hair into a straight and silky style that will last for months with the proper care.    Instead of spending endless time flat ironing and straightening your hair in the morning, you can be on the go!  


How does a keratin treatment work and can it be used on any type of hair?


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