8 Reasons to Get Permanent Makeup in Fredericksburg

At New U Salon, we are honored to offer some of the highest quality permanent makeup services in the Fredericksburg and Stafford VA area.   If you've been considering permanent cosmetics, make an appointment with our specialists!


1.  For women who have had a stroke or who suffer from arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or other conditions that cause tremors, putting on makeup can be an impossible task.   Women who are blind or visually impaired can also experience frustration with normal makeup application.  Permanent makeup allows you to look beautiful every day without the hassle associated with trying to manipulate an eyeliner pencil, a difficult tube of lipstick, a mascara brush, or some other type of applicator with unsteady hands or with vision that is impaired.  


2.  Traditional cosmetics are expensive, and this leads us to another huge benefit of cosmetic tattooing.  Imagine how much money you will save not having to replace your collection of lip liners, eyeliners, and mascara every few weeks?    Instead of investing in beauty products that have to be applied and then reapplied several times a day in order to keep your look fresh and defined, make an investment in something that lasts!  With permanent cosmetic makeup, you do not have to worry about reapplying your lipstick after every meal.  Your lips will look stunning and gorgeous 24 hours a day with absolutely no effort!   Your eyeliner and brows stay put with no fear of smudging or rubbing off.


3.  Permanent cosmetics not only save you money, they save you time.  Today’s women and moms are busier than ever.  Juggling a career, kids, and managing a household at the same time leaves precious little time for yourself.   Having permanent makeup eyeliner or permanent lip color is a gift that you give yourself, allowing you wake up each day looking amazing without having to spend extra time in front of the mirror applying traditional cosmetic products.


4.  When you look good, you feel good.    Who doesn’t want to feel better and more positive about their appearance.    Perfectly applied makeup gives you confidence and allows you to put your best foot (or face) forward.


5.  For women who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy, permanent eyebrows and eyeliner can restore self-esteem and eliminate the need to reapply eyebrows every day.   If your eyebrows and eyelashes are sparse or perhaps non-existent due to medical issues or some other reason, permanent brows can give you full, beautifully shaped arches that will frame your eyes in the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone. 


6.  Have allergies or sensitive skin?  Many typical, over-the-counter eyeliners, lip liners, lipsticks, and mascaras contain ingredients that are skin irritants and that cause allergic reactions in women who have sensitive skin or who wear contacts.   With permanent makeup lip color, eyeliner or eyebrows, there is no worry of skin irritation or with a product flaking or smudging and causing eye discomfort.


7.   Normal makeup application and sports are a difficult mix.   Cosmetic tattooing gives female athletes and other physically active women the confidence to swim, engage in sports, run, and work out with makeup that is completely unaffected by chlorine, sweat, or high levels of activity.


8.  Never leave another lipstick or makeup stain on your clothing again!  Your makeup stays exactly where it should….on your face and not on your collar or clothes.



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